Practice for in-game photography / virtual photography

 ©Akihiko Taniguchi 


Fotomuseum Winterthur | Saturday, 05.06. – Sunday, 10.10.2021


Curated by Marco De Mutiis and Matteo Bittanti

Assistant curator: Katrin Bauer

Director Fotomuseum Winterthur: Nadine Wietlisbach


Follow the rule of thirds, catch the decisive moment, master the shutter speed, play against the camera, break all the norms and conventions, question the apparatus, win the game.


How To Win At Photography explores the relationships between photography and games. The exhibition invites the viewer to consider the photographic act as a game and the photographer as a player, but also explores the notion of image play, creating unexpected connections between the history of photography and playful strategies of screenshotting in computer gaming.

Through a wide-ranging assemblage of artworks and vernacular images, the exhibition critically assembles what it means to understand photography as a ludic practice. In thematic clusters How To Win At Photography looks at various works of artists and photographers who employ image play as an artistic strategy, drawing multiple trajectories that connect Dada artists and In-game photographers, the Fluxus movement with players’ screenshots, conceptual photography of the 1970s with contemporary photographers working with CGI.

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