Current ongoning project 2016 - 2021
Please contact me if you would like to know more about this project. I am happy to share my insights with you. I only will publish this work in 2021 whenever the project is finished and has its final form.



Dorothée Elisa Baumann, 2016


I believe, that for 130 years since its invention, the amateur camera has not been a neutral tool in my relationship with the other. This tool has been invented by a male white engineer in relation to the ideologies of hunting and the military industry. Indeed, my SRL camera is black, phallic and in a way still shaped like a gun.

I have to admit, I still feel unwell to point a camera with long lense at someone even after all this years of training.

I believe, that my relationship with the other is somehow technologically even disturbed by such a camera. The technical possibilities in terms of efficiency, design and image production are the main appealing qualities for the user.

I observe however, none of its features encourages technically speaking co-creation between the operator and the other.

The design of the camera does not help to build a relationship.

In this sense, this tool presents a moral and ethical conflict – because it opposes power-sharing.

I believe, it's time to divest this image production tool of its status as a phallus, weapon or image production machine and turn the act of creation into a shared space of negotiation, where everyone is on equal footing. Today's tools have to be decolonized and new civil tools have to be invented, which overcome «taking» and «collecting».