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2023    Dr. Joséphine de Karman foundation talented students of the Faculty of Humanities University of Bern for artistic-scientific project Unlearning for the Commons

2021    SNF research grant Doc.Mobility in New York City for artistic-scientific research Unlearning for the Commons

2019    12 months research New York City: Oct. 2019 - Oct. 2020, grant Doc Mobility of Swiss National Research Foundation at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC

2012     Pleasure Arousal Dominance, Critique Prize (Prix de la Critique), Selection of 1500 portfolios Voies Off, Les rencontres int’l de la photographie, Arles, 1st position

2006.    Young Swiss Talents for emerging art photographers, Zurich, 4th position

2004     Competition Reinhart Ring, SWISS ART COUNCIL, 1st position

Solo art exhibitions

2023 – Dialogue through colors and shapes. A conversation with my father Martins' painting. In collaboration with my father Martin Baumann. from 8th January 

2022 – Time Circle series (2022), The Photographers' Gallery, Instagram publication, August 2022

2020 – Unlearning For The Commons, Lokal Int, November 2020

2019 – Art Manifesto Take A Better Picture, Espace Juraplatz curated by Enrique Munoz Garcia, 1st March – 10th March 2019, Biel/Bienne

2018 – Take A Better Picture, Centre Pasquart photo forum curated by Nadine Wietlisbach (Fotomuseum) & Danaé Panchaud, 28th January–15th April 2018, Biel/Bienne

2015 – Pleasure Arousal Dominance, Art Space Rosa Brux curated by Nicolas Rivet & Jeanne Gillard, Oct 2015, Brussel

2013 – Play & Replay, Biennale photographique de Mulhouse curated by Anne Immelé, June–September 2013, Geneva

2012 – Pleasure Arousal Dominance, Centre de la photographie Genève curated by Joerg Bader, June–September 2012, Geneva
2009 – Operator, En Avant Première, Musée de l’Elysée curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer & Corinne Curat, May 2009


Collectives art expositions (selection)

2022 – Performance/installation "May the force be with you" in Photo Festival Saint Germain Paris in the exhibition"Phenomena. The Unexplained in the face of Science

            curated by Philippe Baudouin, Museum of the History of Medicine, 12th November

2022 – How to Win at Photography, Image Making as a Play, The Photographers' Gallery, June, 23 - September, 25, London

2021 – Fotomseum Winterthur, How to Win at Photography, Image Making as a Play, 2021

2019 – Noorderlicht Festival, TAXED TO THE MAX least you are not afraid to live life on the brink of chaos curated by Hester Keijser,
2019 – OSMOSCOSMOS – 50JPG.CH, CPG Centre de la photographie Genève curated by Joerg Bader and Alexandra Schüssler

2016 – Mon art à moi, Centre Pasquart, Biel/Bienne

2014 – Jeune Photographie Suisse, Luc Debraine d’art Walter Benjamin, Perpignan, France 2013 – Metamorphose1883-2013, Centre contemporain

2013 – Flood Wall ll, Berlin curated by Claire Laude Schulte-Heuthaus

2012 – Festival Bordeaux, interdisciplinary research space curated by Sévérine Garat, Novartis

2012 – Domaines, CCN Montpellier invitation Michel Schweizer, research space curated by Sévérine Garat, Montpellier

2010 – Don’t Kill the Crocodile, exposition Innuendo curated by Ariane Pollet, Villa Dutoit, Genève

2010 – Théorie de modèle, Live in Your Head, Genève curated by Katharina Howald

2008 – Jeunevois, Centre de la Genève curated by Jörg Bader                   

2007 – Non-Lieu, Journées photographiques photographie de Bienne curated by Catherine Kohler and Helène Joye-Cagnard

2005 – Projection, Extase, Festival Images, for Formation Supérieure curated by Virginie Otth

2004 – Face You, Je t'envisage, Musée de l’Elysée curated by William. A. Ewing and Nathalie Herschdorfer, Lausanne

2004 –  Face You, About Face, Hayward Gallery curated by William A. Ewing and Nathalie Herschdorfer, London


International prizes

2012 – Winner of Critique Prize - Selection of international portfolios (1'531 candidates) Voies Off for int’l projection at Rencontres de la photographie

2008 – Selection Plat(t)form, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Int’l selection for portfolio viewing for emerging photographers curated by Urs Stahel & Thomas Seelig

2006 – Selection , Descrubimientos, Photo Espana, Madrid

Art monograph

2017 – Monograph Pleasure Arousal Dominance by Dorothée Elisa Baumann with texts by Jörg Bader, Anne Immelé, and Pascal Rousseau, Editions center

           photographie Genève & distributed by Les presses du réel France and Belgium Selected for libraries: Jeu de Paume Paris, Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art New   

            York City


Artist books

2018 – Blow-Up-Job artist book (collection of Fotomuseum Winterthur)

2011 – Pleasure Arousal Dominance (first part), artist book workshop Hardcopy directed by Delphine Bedel (Meta Books) and Barbara Federer (HEAD Geneva). Book

            selected for exhibition Another kind of order, ICP - Int. Center of Photography, New York City

2005 – Mobile, workshop directed by Onestar Press (Paris) curated by Christophe Boutin at HEAD, Geneva



2005 – Un Phtographe de circonstance, Pierre Bourdieu en Algérie”, «Oh la Photographie» in coll. with artist Emmanuelle Bayart during the       workshop Bourdieu   title

             directed by André Ducret and Franz Schultheis, Institute of Sociology, University of Geneva

2004 – Ecosse selected for publication in ICONE, a lifestyle magazine, in Paris


Artwork cited

2016 – C’est du trois tous les trois, JOUP for the 20th anniversary curated by Hélène Joye-Cagnard, Biel/Bienne

2012 – Artist Book Pleasure Arousal Dominance (limited edition) mentioned in Doing it by the book, British Journal of photography, London

2009 – C’est du trois tous les trois Peeping Tom Digest #1, The Chain Berlin, Les presses du reel, Paris and Berlin

2008 – Projection Spirit Level, Westford: RMR Press curated by Arno Minkkinen

2006 – Projection, VFG, 10th edition of the Young Swiss Talents, 4th prize, Zurich

2006 – Face You, Musée de l’Elysée, Faces - The new photography portrait, Thames + Hudson, UK (English, French)

Unpublished work

2018 – Artist Book: Take A Better Picture, special edition for exhibition center Pasquart photo forum, Biel/Bienne

2017 – Artist Book: ABC 

2016 – Institute of Social Anthropology, - University of Bern (Switzerland) Master thesis title There comes the new female photographer! A critical analysis of my tool, the  

            camera." (19.09.2016)

2011 – Dialogue(s) - Work.Master, Haute école d’art et de design, Geneva, directed by Serge Margel (philosopher), June 2011



2017 – 2024 PhD (phil. hist.) Walter Benjamin College & Graduate School of the Arts / Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern (Switzerland)  

                     PhD thesis working title: “Press the power button: The social semiotics of photography in marketing materials –

                     historical, multimodal and ideological perspectives. PhD advisors: Professor Dr. Michaela Schäuble (Social & Media Anthropology), Professor

                     Dr. Crispin Thurlow (Director of English Department), Dr. Andi Schoon. Co-director of Institute Y, and cultural and media scientist in interdisciplinary issues

                     Doc Mobility grant October 2019 - October 2020 of Swiss National Research Foundation at CUNY Graduate Center, New York City

2015 – 2016 Institute of Social Anthropology – MA Research on the Arts (MRA), insigni cum laude  

                     Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern (Switzerland) 

                     Master’s thesis title "Es kommt die neue Fotografin! Eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Fotoapparat." 

                     There comes the new female photographer - a critical inquiry about the camera“ (19.09.2016) 

2008 – 2011 MA Fine Arts–Contemporary Artistic Practices, summa cum laude 

                     Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD), Switzerland 

                     Masters degree under the direction of Laurent Schmid-Abt, Yann Chateigné, Marie Antoinette Chiarenza, Pierre Leguillon and Christophe Kihm 

2004 – 2006 BA Fine Arts and Media, insigni cum laude

                     Academy of Arts (ESBA), Switzerland: workshops under the direction of Bruno Serralongue, Joerg Bader, and Jules Spinatsch


2002 – 2004 Higher Education in professional photography, Vevey, insigni cum laude 

                     "Formation Supérieure", CEPV (Centre d’enseignement professionnel Vevey) under the direction of Radu Stern with Arno Minkinnen, Sarah Moon,

                     Duane Michals, Joan Fontcuberta, Susan Meiselas, A.D Coleman, Helmut Newton, and Arno Claas 

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