Dorothée Elisa Baumann is an interdisciplinary artist based in Switzerland.

She is currently working in New York City.


Her work has been presented in exhibitions in Europe including Thames Hudson Gallery London, Photo Descrubimientos Madrid, Flood Wall in Berlin,  centre d'art contemporain Walter Benjamin in Perpignan France.

She had two relevant solo shows in Switzerland Centre de la Photographie in Geneva (2012) and centre Pasquart photoforum (2018).

She has won the fellowship Doc.Mobility of the SNSF of the University of Bern (2019-2020 in New York City). She further has won the Critique Prize at Voies Off, Les rencontres int’l de la photographie, Arles, France, 1st position (2012), has been selected for international Plat(t)form event, Fotomuseum Winterthur for emerging artist in 2008 and has been selected for Young Swiss Talent, 4st position in 2006.


A first monograph Pleasure Arousal Dominance has been published by Editions Centre de la photographie & Les presses du réel in 2017. Her work has been further published in Face You, Musée de l’Elysée, Faces - The new photography portrait, Thames + Hudson, UK (English, French).

She is a member of the interdisciplinary doctoral school Walter Benjamin Kolleg at the University of Bern in Switzerland.


Artist Statement

I describe my artistic position as 'unlearning' – Unlearning Modernity – Unlearning for The Commons.

Daily life, protocols, scripts and habits are the center of my interest.

The through line of my work is the relationship between humans and technology. One of my current focus are image practices of daily life and I am currently on the traces of the cultural practice of popular photography.

I articulate my work through a cross-media, holistic approach.

I engage with different media: photography, archival and mixed-media installation, collage, sound, performance and art operations.