Dorothée Elisa Baumann is a cross-media artist currently working in New York City on her research project. The through line in her work is the relationship between humans and technology and the question of alienation.

In her current project she is challenging ideological assumptions in the cultural practices of amateur photography with a special focus on seven case-studies (Brownie camera until the Drone camera) of the 20th and 21st century. 


The 'protocol' and the 'script' are currently one of the essential elements that she continues to question and which continue to challenge her in this project. Baumann articulates her work through different mediums such as photography, archival and mixed-media installations, traditional and digital collage, video works, performance, objects, operations and essay writings. Her work is to be understood through a holistic approach and as an assemblage of different artistic forms and operations.

Her research project is financed by the SNF Swiss National Research Foundation and the University of Bern Switzerland where she is a member of the interdisciplinary doctoral school Walter Benjamin.