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Format 300 x 400 cm

I discovered this collection of photographs during my artistic operations between 2009 - 2012 in the neuroscience laboratory. This archive of photographs of the 90ies is reflecting mainly the American culture and is usually presented in a fragmented way to measure emotions of humans. Each photograph is projected as a slide one after the other in a strict scientific protocol and therrfore each pictures has a strong emotional impact on the viewer.

It is still currently one of the most important reference in neuroscience and used all over the world and in all cultural context.

In my installation, I prefer to show the matrix of the entire archive. All photographs and in the order they were classified by US scientists Lang, Bradley and Cuthbert. In my installation, the visual monotony and banality of these photographs and their reduced cultural heritage is shown rather than the sensational impact of each image. 
The archive IAPS is a collection of 823 photographs produced for affective science research conducted by American scientists Peter J. Lang, Margaret M. Bradley and Bruce Cuthbert in the 1990s.

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