June 2022


I have been working as a multidisciplinary artist since 2012. I am currently discovering my Celtic roots as a Swiss through my family history and also my dream's connection to my ancestors.

I currently live in Manahatta NYC where I am grateful to learn from indigenous peoples. I support them in the process of decolonization, reconciliation, and collective healing here in Manahatta NYC. Ecological and nature-based issues are at the core. 


My first artistic practice, the practice of photography (School of Photography Formation Supérieure, Vevey, Switzerland), led me to search for a more inclusive, nonextractive art practice: between 2009 and 2012, I started working with video, installation, drawing, and collage as part of the Master HEAD Practices of Contemporary Art.

Since 2019 I have been working with organic materials (salt, cheese, flowers, plants, coffee) and also with my own dreams. Visions help me to question matter and form in new ways and bring a new cosmological and temporal dimension to my work. 


My artistic research in Manhattan NYC, in dialogue with indigenous actors living here, challenges the European materialistic perspective and perception regarding the current climate crisis and the separation between culture and nature. 

I am currently launching the collective ERUTAN, whose goal is to bring together non-human and human actors and build a dialogue where the spiritual ancient nature knowledge of indigenous peoples dialogues with the repressed European nature knowledge.


I refer to my current phase as "relearning" and consider myself self-taught, an attitude that allows me to remain open to this kind of cultural forms of creation.