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Artistic Statement
June 2023
I have been working as a cross-disciplinary since 2012. I inquired my conflictual relationship with the medium photography in the last years.

Currently, I am discovering my Celtic and Helvetic roots as a Swiss through my family history and my own indigenous history, the celt culture. I am currently particular interested in the relation to Time (cyclic and linear time, the new theory of physics and quantum mechanics).

Also, I work on the traces of the European animism. Several works have emerged in recent years: Take A Better Picture, Framing, Blow-Up Job, Re-Balancing, Ancient Future, Time Circle, Wind Poems, Father & Daughter, Tanz im Nerz für den Bären. 

To summarize, in my work, in recent years, I am interested in the interrelation and communication with non-human beings actors – plants, animals, trees.

2023-2024, I will be working regularly in New York City with the First Nation Native American peoples and community and in particular the AICH American Indian Community House in New York City in the area of reconciliation and collective action. I acknowledge
Native American peoples and their relationship to water and land in the past, present and future.

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