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Time Circle
Series #1-30
Post photography, fabric, thread
Format T-Shirt 

I took these photos during the lockdown of Manhattan in New York City in the spring of 2020. The city was empty and looked like a theater set. The people you still encountered in public spaces were mainly homeless. This emptiness was like an echo of the times.

For me, this series is a document in the political and historical sense, but also a document about time as a concept itself. When photographing, a conflict arises between the linear, Western concept of time and the circular time as lived by Native American peoples. At the moment of the photograph, these different conceptions of time interact with each other. 

I then edited these street photographs by hand on my Ipad and drew cracks with my hand. I then decided to show these images on a white American standard t-shirt and ironed the images. I then interacted with this material with threads. I want the viewer to have an intimate relationship with these images by wearing the artwork in the exhibition itself. 

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